Aerospace Industry

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Aerospace Industry Insights

The Strategic Intelligence System (ASIS) is based on advanced analytical models that forecast manufacturing activity in the durable manufacturing sector. Aerospace accounts for 4% of total industrial production and includes the manufacturing of complete aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles; aerospace engines, equipment, and prototypes.

The ASIS analytical models for Aerospace consider the complex interplay among 17 economic indices and hundreds of variables. In-depth analysis, spanning over 20 years of data and market turns, has led to the development of the highly accurate models that inform our intelligence system.

The monthly ASIS Aerospace section includes:

  • 15-month forecast on US industrial production for the Aerospace sector
  • A rolling 5-year graphic comparison of aerospace manufacturing
  • Twenty-year industrial production trend (including trendline) for the Aerospace sector
  • Additional insights and intelligence on trends, pricing (where available in the producer price index), and other industry-shaping factors (politics, global economic trends, etc.)

Aerospace is traditionally a volatile sector. Understanding Aerospace also provides insight into those sectors that depend, in part, on Aerospace for their growth. Our economic and intelligence teams look at global air cargo and air passenger trends, defense spending and related sectors in industrial production that influence the direction of this sector including machinery, fabricated metals, electronics and more.

The Aerospace section of the ASIS is just one part of the full report that members receive. Since many sectors within industrial production rely on one another for component parts, a single subscription gives members visibility into all 7 major categories of durables manufacturing. It also includes forecasts and insights into the national supply chain situation since it is often a critical component of operating costs, hence operating margins.

ASIS members include manufacturers; Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers; raw material producers, financial managers and many others. Executive managers across C-suite corporate management, finance and strategy, operations, credit and risk management, sales and marketing, and HR managers use the insights they gain from the ASIS to make critical business decisions.

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  • Designed to Give Manufacturers a Competitive Edge

    There are few sectors of the economy as complex and challenging as manufacturing, The competitive threats come from all directions and all the time. Staying ahead requires knowing what is around each corner - whether it is a threat or an opportunity. The ASIS projects into the future with a carefully constructed set of models that maintain over 97% accuracy so that manufacturers can anticipate. It takes time to be ready for these competitive threats - the ASIS provides that time.

    Watch John Nelson from Morris, Nelson & Associates along with Chris Kuehl and Keith Prather from Armada Corporate Intelligence review the monthly IPMAN report.

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